United Kingdom Trading

We have a highly experienced trading team at our new Trading office in Hoddesdon Herts.  The trading team specialises in procuring and selling frozen, chilled and cooked meat and poultry products as well as ITQ. 

Our high calibre staff have developed considerable expertise over many years with regard to the complexities of worldwide trade and they have specialist knowledge regarding all quota, licensing and tariff agreements.   This expertise combined with our technical infrastructure enables us to successfully procure quality frozen, chilled and cooked meat products from the main supplying countries around the world.  

We have an extensive product portfolio as well as a wide range of established customers and suppliers across many continents.  Whether we are importing, exporting or distributing products, we work hard to meet our customers’ wide variety of requirements.

Furthermore, we have an imaginative and progressive attitude towards improving and controlling product specifications, as our customers’ requirements continue to change and develop.  Our customers know that when obtaining products from us they can rely on the technical support and services of Towers Thompson via our own and independent food technologists based both in South America and also in the UK.

Product Range

Chilled Australian, New Zealand, South American
Beef - Hilton & non Hilton Rump& loin cuts
Beef - Hilton & non Hilton Round Cuts
Lamb & Mutton - Legs, Loins & processed cuts.
Poultry - Whole Chicken & Turkey and all their cuts.
Frozen Australian, New Zealand, South American
Beef - Topsides, Silversides, Knuckles, Chuck rolls, Pichanas
Flats, Rumps, Eyerounds, Fillets & Striploins.
lamb & Mutton - Carcases and all cuts.
Poultry - Whole Chicken & Turkey and all their cuts.
Offals - Beef, Pork & lamb
Cooked South American
Beef - Topside, Silverside, Brick Flats, Steak Strips, Steak Pieces
Julienne Strips, Braising Steak, Minced, Diced.
Poultry - Chicken Fillets, Chicken Inner Fillets, Turkey Breast.

Office Address

Towers Thompson Ltd  
3-5 Tower House  
Amwell Street  
Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire  
EN11 8UR  
Phone: +44 (0)1992 456456  
Fax: +44 (0)1992 440157  
mail: enquiry@towers-thompson.co.uk  

Reg. No. 58397


Kingdom BeefCooked Beef

We have developed a wide range of cooked meat and poultry products.

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Towers Thompson are committed to importing, exporting and distributing products which meet the highest standards of quality and food saftey.

To support this are chilled products are fitted with the latest Ecnolog temperature recorders to allow us to regulate temperature control.