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About Us

towersthompson is an International Food Group specialising in sourcing, exporting and distributing chilled, fresh, frozen, cooked meats and poultry. In addition, we source and distribute a wide variety of frozen fish and seafood products. We have considerable expertise in markets throughout the world, we have an in-depth knowledge of quota systems with full logistical and distribution support.

Our Heritage

The company was founded in 1898 and we are proud to be one of the oldest established companies in the U.K. meat sector. We enjoy an excellent reputation that has been earned over many years with our valued suppliers and customers.

Our Philosophy

We aim to maintain and build on our reputation for supplying an extensive range of superior products at competitive prices. We recognise the need for quality and are committed to serve customers with product that delivers 'just in time' the highest standards of quality and in accordance with latest food safety legislation which provides the value, consistency and confidence in our products that customers demand.

Our Operations

We have an international presence our locations are situated in USA, China, Germany, Ireland, Poland and Spain. Our main head office and trading operation is situated in the United Kingdom along with our four wholesale meat distribution depots located in Avonmouth, Northfleet, Portsmouth and Mexborough.

Meat and Poultry

E.U. Sourcing and Trading. For all enquiries on sourcing chilled, frozen beef, lamb, pork and poultry from the E.U., South America, Australia and New Zealand and distributing throughout the E.U. and beyond. Read more ››

towersthompsondepots. Our U.K. Wholesale Depot Distribution serve independent retail butchers with all their meat and poultry requirements from our fully equipped depots in Avonmouth, Northfleet, Portsmouth and Mexborough. Read more ››

fareastexports. For all enquiries on E.U. exports of pork, poultry and a wide variety of other protein by-products from the E.U. to the far east markets. Read more ››

crbarronireland. For all enquiries on purchasing frozen meat and poultry from Republic of Ireland, the U.K. and USA for export to the Far East and Africa. Read more ››

Seafood Products

Rassau Seafood in Hamburg and Germany supply the German seafood market with a wide variety of frozen seafood. Read more ››

towersthompson seafood source frozen cod, haddock, plaice, pangasius, yellow fin sole, squid, salmon and prawns and serve the U.K market. Read more ››



BRC Agents and Brokers Standard

We are pleased to announce that Towers Thompson Trading have been accredited to the above standard.

Full certification will be available on the BRC website in September.

In the meantime subject to above, we welcome any enquiries from customers who wish to purchase their meat and poultry requirements under the above standard.



We are members of The International Meat Trade Association.