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Rassau Seafood


Towers Thompson’s wholly owned subsidiary, Rassau Seafood GMBH is renowned for being one of the market leaders in the fish and seafood industry.

Rassau fish and seafood

Established quality

Rassau is a long established importer and distributor of high quality deep-frozen fish and seafood products. We are known for being one of the market leaders in the fish and seafood business with an excellent reputation for quality, service, food safety, and customer satisfaction.

Our customers include Food Processing Companies, Smokehouses, Food Service providers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Cash and Carry outlets, and Catering companies throughout Europe. For over 50 years we have been offering our customers a wide range of more than 300 fish and seafood products which include: fish, fish fillets and fish steaks, shrimps, prawns, surimi, mollusks, shellfish, crustaceans and raw materials for smokehouses such as wild salmon, dogfish, eel, mackerel and halibut, along with sprats, herring, butterfish, cod roe and other specialities.

We purchase our fish and seafood from specially selected suppliers who can guarantee the consistently high-quality products customers require. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with our suppliers throughout the world. We have strict HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) procedures, which are continually monitored to ensure our high-quality standards are always maintained.

Our traders are experienced in their various fields within the purchasing sector which enables us to provide an unrivalled service to our customers.

Our philosophy is to provide customers with top quality products together with an efficient and personal service. Our experience, reliability and flexibility enable us to quickly adapt to customers’ constantly changing requirements.

At Rassau we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and our ability to source the best quality seafood from around the world. For decades, the constant availability of their products has added to their excellent customer relations.

We enjoy a substantial product portfolio, please see our website for full details of the many products we distribute.

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Since the Covid19 pandemic emerged our UK based Trading, Exports and Depots operations together with our German operation Rassau Seafoods have continually introduced measures to address the fast-evolving situation. The continued health and safety of our colleagues working in very difficult circumstances remains a key priority for the business and the management.

Therefore, as a responsible business we have introduced a wide range of measures including increased awareness, promotion of good hygiene practices, posters, distribution of hand sanitisers, masks, shields as well as the provision of other PPE equipment. Temperature checks have also been introduced as well as distancing measures. We have worked closely with our suppliers of products and services to find practical solutions in order to continue to deliver product to our customers as safely and effectively as possible.

We have compiled the steps that we have been taking to assess and mitigate the risks in Risk Assessments covering our UK based Trading and Depot Wholesale Operations. These comprehensive assessments are on display at each of our UK locations.

Towers Thompson will take the appropriate actions to continue providing our employees a safe and healthy working environment whilst constantly evaluating the situation and monitoring any changes in government policy and guidelines.