Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the oldest international meat and poultry companies in the industry. We offer superior quality products and have considerable expertise as well as a reputation for integrity, quality and reliability.

We have highly qualified and experienced employees with considerable expertise and knowledge in understanding the complexities of worldwide trade including all aspects of procurement, trade quotas, licensing, tariff agreements, logistics, finance and distribution.

Integrity & Trust

As a company, we are extremely transparent and our behaviour and conduct ensures that we act with integrity and do what is right with regard to our products and procedures in accordance with the regulations, guidelines and laws that govern our industry.


Since 1859 when Alfred Towers opened his first shop the company has grown and developed into the international food group it is today. We are experts in importing chilled and frozen beef, lamb, pork and poultry as well as frozen seafood to the EU from around the globe.

Our wholesale meat depots procure the best of home produced beef, lamb, pork and poultry and distribute it in our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles to independent butchers and caterers throughout the UK. In addition, our seafood operation in Hamburg, Germany is well placed to serve customers requirements for frozen seafood throughout the EU.

Food Safety

We invest considerable resources in the development of systems, controls and training in order to ensure that the strictest standards of safety are met. In support of this Towers Thompson Trading has achieved the globally recognised BRC Agents and Brokers standard.

We are committed to sourcing, importing and distributing products ensuring their quality and safety while providing the value and reliability that our customers expect. Our commitment ensures that customers consistently choose our company time and time again.

Strong Supplier Relationships

We are very proud of the strong relationships we have developed with our numerous suppliers and customers around the world over many years. This together with our extensive experience and flexibility have enabled us to adapt and develop our business in these changing times.

Furthermore, Towers Thompson’s dedication to quality assurance echoes throughout our trading operations and ties directly to the expectations and standards we demand of our suppliers worldwide.

Customer Service

We employ a team of motivated employees who are committed to providing our customers with the optimum support, assistance and cooperation. Our high calibre staff have developed considerable expertise over many years with regard to the complexities of worldwide trade and they have specialist knowledge regarding all quota, licensing and tariff agreements.

Extensive Portfolio

As a company, we pride ourselves on our extensive product portfolio which we constantly evaluate, develop and extend in line with market trends and our customers’ changing requirements.

Forward Thinkers

We keep abreast of changes in the markets in which we operate so that we can adapt quickly to any changes and so we can take advantage of any opportunities which arise. We achieve this through collaboration with our contacts around the world including our customers and suppliers as well as regulating agencies.

We are members of the International Meat Trade Association (IMTA) and are represented at Board level. Therefore, as well as keeping up to date with legislative changes and issues which arise we are also well placed to influence policy and lobby for changes which would benefit the industry as a whole.

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