Lamb & Mutton

Lamb & Mutton

Towers Thompson Trading has gained a reputation over the past 100 years as a key importer of the highest quality New Zealand and Australian lamb and mutton.

Lamb & Mutton – Towers Thompson Trading Imports

Towers Thompson Trading has gained a reputation over the past 100 years as a key importer of the highest quality New Zealand and Australian lamb and mutton.

Our Trading operation’s comprehensive range of lamb products includes weight-ranged lamb shanks, frenched rack of lamb, chilled carvery lamb legs and New Zealand lamb rumps.  To further supplement our range, we have also introduced premium whole lamb cuts from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Working in close partnership with our producers we have developed a supply chain of chilled lamb with a 90-day shelf life.  Furthermore, we are now also able to offer all year-round availability of frozen and chilled primal cuts of lamb.

There has been an emerging demand over the years for all mutton items particularly bone in and boneless mutton legs, mutton tenderloins and mutton skirts. As a result we supply a wide variety of frozen imported mutton cuts to suit wholesale, food service and manufacturing requirements, all produced to HALAL certification in accordance with the BRC Agents and Brokers standard.

Product portfolio

LAMB (Chilled & Frozen)

New Zealand PM/PX

Lamb Legs CKT

Lamb Legs ABO Chump Off

Lamb Legs ABO Chump On

Boneless Lamb Legs

Patella Bone In Lamb Legs

Bone In Lamp Chumps

Bone In Lamb Loins 8 Ribs

Bone In Lamb Loins 1 Rib

Boneless Lamb Loins

Lamb Tenderloins

Lamb Neck Fillets

Bone In Lamb Racks 7 Ribs

Bone In Frenched Lamb Racks

Bone In Square Cut Shoulders

Forequarters BRN

80 CL Lamb Forequarters

85 CL Lamb Forequarters

75 VL Boneless Lamb

95 VL Boneless Lamb

Bone In Hind Shanks

Bone In Fore Shanks

Boneless Lamb Trim

Lamb Fat

Bone in CKT Mutton Legs

Boneless Mutton Legs Slash Boned

Boneless Mutton Legs Tunnel Boned

Mutton Legs ABO Chump Off

Mutton Legs ABO Chump On

Bone In Mutton Chumps

Bone In Mutton Loins 8 Rib

Bone In Mutton Loins 1 Rib

Boneless Mutton Loins

Mutton Tenderloins

Mutton Neck Fillets

Mutton Skirts

Lamb Skirts

Lamb Livers

Lamb Kidneys

Lamb Tongues

Lamb and Mutton – Wholesale UK Distribution

Our Wholesale distribution depots offer a wide range of fresh and frozen English and Welsh lamb. We are are also able to offer an extensive selection of imported lamb and mutton products from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Our lamb product portfolio includes whole lambs, chumps, trunks, legs, fronts, saddles, loins, best ends, breasts, shanks, necks as well as lamb offal.

As a result of our state-of-the-art processing facilities in our depots we are able to cut lamb to a wide range of different specifications in accordance with our customers’ requirements.



ABO Lamb Legs

Lamb Neck

1 Rib Lamb Loins

Lamb Racks

Lamb Shanks 300- 400g

Lamb Shanks 600-800g

Lamb Chumps (Boneless)

Lamb Chumps (Bone In)

Bone In Breasts Lamb

Max 8lb Lamb Legs


Lambs Liver

Lambs Hearts

Lamb Kidneys


Boneless Legs (I.W)


Whole Lambs

Fresh Legs (chump on)

Fores Lamb

Chine & Ends (Ex kidney + fat)

Trunks Lamb

Saddles Lamb

Backs Lamb (Hind + Ends)

Lamb Breasts (Frozen)


Lambs Liver

Lambs Hearts



Lamb Boneless Saddles

Lamb (All Weight Ranges)

Lamb Legs

Lamb Haunches


Chines Xxx

Best Ends

Chines & Ends


Short Fores


Scrag & Middles

Hind Quarters

Hind & End



Chines & End Xxx

Kidney Knobs

B/Less Leg (Own Production)

Split Shorts (Frozen)

C/S Lamb Racks

Shanks (Own Production)

Neck Fillets

B/Less Chumps

Fat & Bone

Diced Lamb

Diced Lamb

Carvery Lamb Legs

Lamb Breast

B/Less S/Cut Shoulder (Own Production)

B/In Chumps

Lamb Leg Pad

Trim 95Vl (Own Production)

Leg Diced

Lamb Sweetbreads


UK Carvery Lamb Legs

NZ One Rib Lamb Loins

NZ Frz B/Less Lamb Chumps

NZ S/Cut Lamb Shoulders

NZ Fsh B/Less Lamb Chump

UK Frz Lamb Shank Chops

NZ Frz Lamb Shanks

UK Frz Lamb Loin Chops

Irish Lamb Neck Fillets


NZ Frz Lamb Liver

UK Frz Lamb Hearts

NZ Frz Lamb Kidney

NZ Frz Lamb Liver Block Packed

UK Uk Frz Lamb Liver Trim

UK Bone / Less Mutton Legs



Whole Lambs

Legs Lamb

Fores Lamb

Middles Lamb

Chine + Ends

Lamb Backs

Lamb Trunks

Best Ends



B/L Shoulders


NZ Carvery leg M

NZ 1 Rib Loins

Lamb Chumps

Leg Steaks


Aus shanks


Lamb Legs


B/Less Legs

Mutton Skirts



UK Whole Lambs

UK Lamb Middles

UK Fores Lamb

UK Legs Lamb


Nz xxx lamb legs

Aust Leg Lamb

Exports Operation

Our Far East Operation has developed strong relationships with the major lamb and mutton slaughter and packing houses within the EU and around the world.

We are able to source a wide variety of Lamb and Mutton by-products including flaps, kidneys, leg bones, pizzles, tripe semi cooked , back bones, tongues and testicles

Product portfolio

Lamb Back Bones

Lamb Flaps (Ribs)

Lamb Kidneys

Lamb Leg Bones

Lamb Pizzle

Lamb Testicles

Lamb Tongues

Lamb Tripe Natural Semi-Cooked

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Since the Covid19 pandemic emerged our UK based Trading, Exports and Depots operations together with our German operation Rassau Seafoods have continually introduced measures to address the fast-evolving situation. The continued health and safety of our colleagues working in very difficult circumstances remains a key priority for the business and the management.

Therefore, as a responsible business we have introduced a wide range of measures including increased awareness, promotion of good hygiene practices, posters, distribution of hand sanitisers, masks, shields as well as the provision of other PPE equipment. Temperature checks have also been introduced as well as distancing measures. We have worked closely with our suppliers of products and services to find practical solutions in order to continue to deliver product to our customers as safely and effectively as possible.

We have compiled the steps that we have been taking to assess and mitigate the risks in Risk Assessments covering our UK based Trading and Depot Wholesale Operations. These comprehensive assessments are on display at each of our UK locations.

Towers Thompson will take the appropriate actions to continue providing our employees a safe and healthy working environment whilst constantly evaluating the situation and monitoring any changes in government policy and guidelines.