UK Trading & Imports

UK Trading and Imports

Towers Thompson trading are specialists in sourcing, importing and distributing a wide range of high quality frozen, chilled and cooked beef, lamb, pork and poultry products from around the world under the BRC Global Agents and Brokers standard.

Import specialists

We have considerable expertise concerning the complexities of worldwide trade, along with specialist knowledge of all trade related quotas (TRQ’s), licencing and tariff agreements.  This expertise combined with our technical infrastructure and BRC Agents and Brokers standard enables us to successfully procure meat and poultry products that meet the highest standards of food quality and food safety.

We are very proud of the strong relationships developed with our numerous suppliers and customers around the world.  This together with our extensive experience, reliability and flexibility have enabled us to constantly progress and develop our business.

Continuous improvement

Whether we are importing, exporting or distributing products, we work hard to meet our customers’ requirements and constantly evaluate, develop and extend our product range in line with market trends and our customers’ changing needs.

We have a progressive attitude towards improving and controlling product specifications, as our customers’ requirements continue to change and develop.  When purchasing products from Towers Thompson our customers know that they can rely on the technical support and services of our independent food technologists based both in South America and also in the UK.

BRC Agents and Brokers Standard


We have always been proud of our technical infrastructure and this is now supplemented by BRC Agents and Brokers standard enabling us to source quality frozen, chilled and cooked meat products from the main supplying countries around the world.

Recognising the importance of food safety our Trading division operation have achieved the globally recognised BRC Agents and Brokers accreditation. Towers Thompson invest considerable resources in the development of systems, controls and training in order to ensure the quality and safety of our products. We take every precaution to ensure that the highest standards are attained at every level through our comprehensive control measures, safety checks and plant audits.

Product portfolio

BEEF (Chilled & Frozen)

Fillets 2-3 lbs

Fillets 3-4 lbs

Fillets 4-5 lbs

Fillets 5 lbs +

Centre Cut Fillets

Butt Fillets

Portion Control Fillets

D Cut Rumps

Top Sirloins

Heart of Rumps

Rump Tails

Rumps Ex Picanha

Chain On Striploins

Chain Off Striploins

Portion Control Striploins

7-8 Rib Cuberolls

Portion Control Cuberolls




1 Rib Bone In Shortloins

Portion Control T-Bone Steaks


Cap Off Topsides


Flats Ex Gristle

PAD Flats




Point End Briskets

Deckle Off Point End Briskets

Chuck Rolls

Chuck and Blades

70 VL Flanks

80 VL Flanks

90 VL Forequarters

100 VL Red Meat

100 VL Flats

100 VL Topsides

100 VL Eyerounds

Chuck Tenders

Shoulder Clods


Flank Steaks

95 CL Veal Trunks

95 CL Tunnel Boned Veal

Cooked Topsides

Cooked Silversides

Cooked Diced Beef

I.Q.F. Cooked Mince

Beef Burgers

Ox Tails

Ox Hearts

Ox Kidneys

Ox Livers

Ox Cheeks

LAMB (Chilled & Frozen)

New Zealand PM/PX

Lamb Legs CKT

Lamb Legs ABO Chump Off

Lamb Legs ABO Chump On

Boneless Lamb Legs

Patella Bone In Lamb Legs

Bone In Lamp Chumps

Bone In Lamb Loins 8 Ribs

Bone In Lamb Loins 1 Rib

Boneless Lamb Loins

Lamb Tenderloins

Lamb Neck Fillets

Bone In Lamb Racks 7 Ribs

Bone In Frenched Lamb Racks

Bone In Square Cut Shoulders

Forequarters BRN

80 CL Lamb Forequarters

85 CL Lamb Forequarters

75 VL Boneless Lamb

95 VL Boneless Lamb

Bone In Hind Shanks

Bone In Fore Shanks

Boneless Lamb Trim

Lamb Fat

Bone in CKT Mutton Legs

Boneless Mutton Legs Slash Boned

Boneless Mutton Legs Tunnel Boned

Mutton Legs ABO Chump Off

Mutton Legs ABO Chump On

Bone In Mutton Chumps

Bone In Mutton Loins 8 Rib

Bone In Mutton Loins 1 Rib

Boneless Mutton Loins

Mutton Tenderloins

Mutton Neck Fillets

Mutton Skirts

Lamb Skirts

Lamb Livers

Lamb Kidneys

Lamb Tongues

PORK (Chilled & Frozen)

Bone In Pork Legs

Boneless Pork Legs

Bone In Pork Loins

Boneless Pork Loins

Bone In Pork Loin Chops

Boneless Pork Loin Chops

Standard Spare Ribs

Semi-Meaty Spare Ribs

Meaty Spare Ribs

Loin Ribs

Pork Collars Straight Cut

Pork Fillets

Pork Bellies

Pork Belly Strips

Pork Shoulder Chaps

Pork Jowls

Pork Back Fat

Pork Cutting Fat

POULTRY (Chilled & Frozen)

Whole Chickens

Chicken Portions

Chicken Breasts

Salted Chicken Breasts

Chicken Kebabs

Bronze Turkeys

Free Range Turkeys

Turkey Butterflies

Peppered Turkey Butterflies

Organic Turkeys

Turkey Kebabs

Whole Ducks

Duck Breasts

Whole Geese

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