Pork Products

Towers Thompson has developed strong relationships with suppliers of fresh and frozen, primal and processed cuts of pork from the UK and many of the major EU Pork processing countries. As a result we are able to offer a wide range of consistently high quality pork products to all our customers.

UK Towers Thompson Trading – Imports

We are major providers of EU pork produced from companies that are keen to emphasise animal welfare and integrity in the food chain matching our own vision.

Our range of imported chilled and frozen pork includes primal cuts and an expanding variety of further processed portion controlled items. Working closely with our customers we have also developed a wide range of high quality, competitively priced retail packs which have proved a great success.

Our pork offering includes boneless pork collars, pork loins, as well as standard, semi-meaty and meaty belly ribs, all packed in even-weight cartons.

We have successfully developed high- quality brands exclusive to specific customers. For example we developed our own trademarked “Belvedere” brand which has resulted in a dramatic increase in repeat orders and sales for our clients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to change specifications for not only the products themselves but how they are presented and packaged. Our ability to adapt to new ideas in a short period of time is crucial to our success and something that our customers appreciate.

Product portfolio

PORK (Chilled & Frozen)

Bone In Pork Legs

Boneless Pork Legs

Bone In Pork Loins

Boneless Pork Loins

Bone In Pork Loin Chops

Boneless Pork Loin Chops

Standard Spare Ribs

Semi-Meaty Spare Ribs

Meaty Spare Ribs

Loin Ribs

Pork Collars Straight Cut

Pork Fillets

Pork Bellies

Pork Belly Strips

Pork Shoulder Chaps

Pork Jowls

Pork Back Fat

Pork Cutting Fat

UK Wholesale Distribution

In addition to fresh whole pigs and sides of pork our depots also stock and process a wide range of boxed fresh and frozen UK along with European pork. Our product range includes: pork loins, chops, spare ribs, collars, fillets, bellies, shoulders, jowls, back and cutting fat as well as pork offal.

Our depots are capable of processing pork to a wide variety of specifications in accordance with their customers’ requirements

Avonmouth Product portfolio


Sides Pork 60kg+

Whole pig Head on

Belly Pork

Loins Pork

Legs Pork (ex foot + tail)

Middles Pork

Backs Pork

Trunks Pork

Leg and Loins

Shoulders Pork

Free Range Sides Pork


Pork Tenderloins

Boneless Loins

Boneless Loins Rindless


Boned And Rolled Legs Pork

Boneless/Rindless Shoulders

Pork Trim (Dolav)


Horseshoe Gammons

Converter Gammons

Sliced Back Bacon 2.25kg

Smoked Bacon 2.25kg

Skinless Gammons


Caul Fat

Back Fat


Pig Kidneys 7kg box

Pig Liver 7kg box

Pigs hearts 7kg box


Frozen Pork

Spare Rib (Belly Ribs)

Baby Back Ribs (Loin Ribs) IW

Meaty Belly Ribs

Mexborough Product portfolio


Sides Pork

Whole Pigs



Trunks Pork

Loins Pork

Belly Pork


Legs ex foot+tail


Boneless Pork Chumps

Pork Trim

B/R Legs pork

Pork Fillets

Pork Hocks

B/L loins Rind On

B/L loins Rind Off

B/L Rindless Bellys

B/R Shoulders

B/L Neckends

B/L Rindless Pork loins


Veil Fat

Pork Fat

Meaty Belly Ribs

Loin Ribs (baby back)

Belly Ribs

Euro Loins


Thick Cut Bacon

Thin Cut Bacon

Smoked Back

Horseshoe Gammons

Converter Gammons

Whole backs

Corner Gammon Joints

Dry Cured Bacon

Bacon Hocks

NORTHFLEET Product portfolio


Own Production Rind

Own Production Diced Pork

Own Production Boned & Rolled Leg

Own Production Knuckles

Own Production Trim

Own Production Boned And Rolled Neck Ends Pork

Leg Meat (Pad)

Middle Ex Chump

Whole Pigs


Short Loin

Neck End




Long Loins

Hand & Belly

Leg & Short Loin

Fat & Bone

Leg & Long Loin

Pork Shoulder

Hind Quarter

Pork Middle



Pig Ex Head

Side Ex Head

Suckling Pig


Side (Free Range)

Hindquarter (Pair)

Side Ex Leg


Pig (Medium 45-60Kg)

Caul Fat

Mini Ribs (Own Prod)

Short Loin Ex Chump

Pig (Large Over 60Kg)

Pig (Small Under 45Kg)

Trim Froz

UK B/L Pork Loins


Frozen Small Pigs

Span Frz Loin Ribs

Epan Bone In Pork Belly

Span Vp B/L Pork Loins

Bel Pork Collar Boneless

Bel B/L Loins Rind On

Uk Frz Loin Ribs

Span B/L Loin Rind On

Bel Frz Belly Ribs

Bel Vp B/L Pork Loin

Bel Pork Collar Bone In

Bel B/L Rindless Shoulder Pork

Bel Froz Pork Fat

Bel Vp Pork Cheek Meat

Span Bonless Collar

Bel Frz Pigs Ears

Bel Frz Pigs Tails

Bel Pork Shldr Trim 75Vl

Bel B/L Pork Loin (1606)

Pol Frz Belly Ribs

Span Leg Trim 80Vl

Ger Frz Belly Ribs

Span Frz Mega Meaty Belly Ribs

Froz Pork Sow Tails

Vp Tenderloins

Be Bel Belly Pork

Cl Frz Pork Tenderloins Ivp

Bel Belly B/In Rindless


BE Bel Frz Pig Hearts

UK Uk Frz Tripe

BE Bel Frz Pig Kidney

Portsmouth Product portfolio


UK Pigs ex Head

Tenderloins Fresh

Fores of Pork

Loins of Pork

Belly Pork

Legs of Pork

Middles of Pork

Bel B/less Pork Loins

Frozen Belly Ribs

Semi Meaty Belly Ribs


Sliced Green Back

Sliced Smoked Back

Sliced Green Streaky

Sliced Smoked Streaky

Molls back

Green Horseshoe Gammon

Green Gammon B/less

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Since the Covid19 pandemic emerged our UK based Trading, Exports and Depots operations together with our German operation Rassau Seafoods have continually introduced measures to address the fast-evolving situation. The continued health and safety of our colleagues working in very difficult circumstances remains a key priority for the business and the management.

Therefore, as a responsible business we have introduced a wide range of measures including increased awareness, promotion of good hygiene practices, posters, distribution of hand sanitisers, masks, shields as well as the provision of other PPE equipment. Temperature checks have also been introduced as well as distancing measures. We have worked closely with our suppliers of products and services to find practical solutions in order to continue to deliver product to our customers as safely and effectively as possible.

We have compiled the steps that we have been taking to assess and mitigate the risks in Risk Assessments covering our UK based Trading and Depot Wholesale Operations. These comprehensive assessments are on display at each of our UK locations.

Towers Thompson will take the appropriate actions to continue providing our employees a safe and healthy working environment whilst constantly evaluating the situation and monitoring any changes in government policy and guidelines.