Meat and Poultry Trading

UK Trading Office

We have a highly experienced trading team at our modern Head Office located in Turnford, Hertfordshire. The trading team specialises in procuring frozen, chilled and cooked meat and poultry products from the main supplying countries around the world and selling them within the UK and Europe.


Fish and Seafood

Germany - Rassau Seafood GmbH

Rassau Seafood GmbH is our Hamburg based fish and Seafood company.  They are a leading established importer and distributor of high quality deep-frozen seafood products with an excellent reputation for service and quality. Since the late 1960s the company has built strong relationships with seafood suppliers all over the world.  Rassau’s portfolio includes more than 300 fish and seafood products, including whole fish, fish fillets and steaks, shrimps, prawns, surimi, molluscs, shellfish, crustaceans and other specialities.

United Kingdom - Towers Thompson Seafood

Towers Thompson Seafood, our UK Seafood office based in Grimsby, specialises in the import and distribution of cod, haddock, plaice, pangasius and squid.  They are constantly developing relationships with new suppliers and expanding their existing customer base.


Export Divisions

United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Spain

Towers Thompson’s Far East Export Trading Division specialises in exporting pork, beef and poultry 5th quarter products to China, Hong Kong and the Philippines from their offices in Germany, Poland Spain and the UK.  The Far East Division has developed strong relationships with all the major slaughter and packing houses throughout Europe and this has enabled them to offer a wide range of products at very competitive prices. Their main product lines include pork front and hind feet, stomachs, duck feet and necks as well as chicken and turkey wings and wing tips.

CR Barron - Ireland and America

C. R. Barron Ltd which has offices in Waterford in Ireland and Alabama in the USA, sources frozen meat and poultry, predominantly fifth quarter products, from the UK, the Republic of Ireland and America and exports them to China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippine Islands as well as West and Southern Africa.



Our Team

We have traders who are experts in their field and are able to source the meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and dairy products you require.