Background on Company

Over the years Dunbia has developed to become one of Europe's leading and respected suppliers of top quality beef and lamb products for the national and international retail, commercial and food service markets.

Dunbia's new strategy and vision bring together an innovative approach to the market that is complimented by the continued developement of a range of quality branded products. One of these brands is 'Stockmans'

Background on Product

Stockman's is a premium brand of Irish beef. The beef is 100% Irish and is matured on the bone to give it extra taste and tenderness.

Audience Description

Dunbia, in conjunction with Towers Thompson want Stockman's to become a 'Must have' brand on restaurant menues`. Dunbia want Stockman's to be unique; a brand that will have consumers building a relationship with it to fulfil an emotional need of having to have the 'best' beef. However, the brand should portray truths that allow people to rationalise.

Stockman’s cattle are reared by some of Ireland’s best beef producers. All animals are under thirty months old and have been
singled out by highly trained procurement specialists who choose carcasses according to demanding specifications. Animals chosen
for Stockman’s beef have been produced in a natural environment to ensure the best quality meat for consumers.

Exacting standards

Only the best beef enters the Stockman’s brand as our strict standards only permit the use of animals of specific weights, grades and fat coverage.

Contact your local depot for availability.


Dunbia started over 30 years ago as a butchers shop and still retains the links and understanding of what is required by butchery and catering businesses. From this unique insight grew the philosophy of Stockman’s the vision of a brand designed by expert butchers which would consistently meet the needs of consumers across the UK and Ireland, providing carefully prepared and specially selected cuts that add value and increase returns throughout the chain.