Cooked Beef Silverside

Produced from the whole silverside.

This product is tumbled, injected and cooked for nearly 10 hours in steam ovens. This process produces a tender succulent product, which makes it ideal for slicing for deli counters, sandwiches and salads. The shape of the joint presents its self well for slicing which gives uniform slices with a minimal of waste.

Size Available Variable
Product Weight 4.5 Kg - 6.75 Kg Cooked
RME Minimum 110%
Case Weight Catch Weight cases containing 2-3 joints
Packaging Format Inner and outer protective bag with cardboard outer
Shelf Life 24 Months from production
Storage Frozen -18 C
Ingredients Salt, Starch, Dextrose, Phosphate
Suggested uses Deli counters, Sandwich fillings, Salads and hot dinners

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ITQ Processing

We can supply all your Beef processing needs under the ITQ Scheme .

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