Our product range

Chilled and Frozen Beef

Towers Thompson is renowned for sourcing and supplying chilled, frozen and cooked beef.

We are one of the EU’s major importers of Australasian, Canadian, as well as North and South American, chilled and frozen beef.

Our continuous supply of high quality products at competitive prices has resulted in our sales of imported chilled beef increasing year on year. Much of this growth can be attributed to the investment we have made in our systems and procedures for controlling, checking and improving specifications as well as maintaining the quality and safety of our products throughout the supply chain.

Chilled and Frozen Lamb and Mutton

For over 100 years Towers Thompson has earned an enviable reputation as a major importer and distributor of top quality New Zealand and Australian chilled and frozen lamb and mutton. To further supplement our range we have also introduced premium whole lamb cuts from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay as well as Iceland.

Our comprehensive range of lamb products includes weight-ranged lamb shanks, frenched rack of lamb, chilled carvery lamb legs and lamb rumps.  Furthermore, we are now also able to offer all year round availability of frozen and chilled primal cuts of lamb.

Chilled and Frozen Pork

Towers Thompson has developed strong relationships with suppliers of fresh and frozen, primal and processed cuts of pork from many of the major EU pork producing countries. As a result we are able to offer a wide range of consistently high quality pork products to all our customers. We have recently introduced our “Belvedere” range of boneless pork collars, as well as standard, semi-meaty and meaty belly ribs in even-weight cartons with the relevant barcodes.

Chilled and Frozen Poultry

We stock a wide range of poultry products from Argentina, Brazil,
Chile, Israel, Italy, Poland and the UK.  Working closely with Europe’s top producers has enabled us to offer a guaranteed shelf life of 14 days on our EU chilled chicken and turkey products.
We are also able to source direct from Italy, chilled and frozen kebabs, fresh chicken fillets as well as chilled and frozen turkey butterflies and lobes.  


Cooked Beef

Our range of cooked and ready to eat sandwich fillers are a large part of our business.

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