Mexborough Depot

Significant investment has been made over the years to provide an efficient modern fully licensed production and cutting facility with a large distribution network in the North of England and throughout the Midlands. We deliver to independent retail butchers and those butchers serving local catering.


Mexborough have been proud to serve the local community and many loyal customers far and wide. We are dedicated to producing and serving only the highest quality brands like our ever popular own production product which we produce from young bull steer and Heifer meat selected from O graded cattle or better, or our latest line of matured beef which we produce from Steer and Heifer meat selected from a grade no lower than R grade, this matured range is branded as our Alfred Towers range part of our Heritage since 1898 of which we are very proud. We also stock our matured table trimmed Kingdom brand, Stockmanís amongst others. Our Mexborough Depot can deliver high quality and a truly excellent product to suit all customer`s requirements.

Our Alfred Towers range part of our Heritage since 1898 is for those requiring beef matured on the bone this can be bought bone-in, or deboned and packed to each customers requirements. Only the finest steers and heifers are selected, sourced from independent U.K. abattoirs. The Alfred Towers Range is matured on the bone for 14 days or as customers require.

For customers seeking towers own production, this Premium Quality Range has been serving the country for many years. Only the finest beef is selected to produce a truly excellent product based on a high specification.


As part of our continued expansion we have invested heavily in our new purpose built poultry cutting room, we are now able to supply customers with poultry cuts both bone-in and boneless, packed to their own requirements and their own volume needs, we also offer a gas flushed product which can further prolong the products shelf life. We can supply a high quality whole bird to our customer packed under our own Kingdom brand, and we are very happy to be able to supply our own production products under our new Alfred Towers brand of which we are very proud.

If you require one of our flavoured glazes we are working in partnership with Middletonís glazes so why not contact us to see whatís available.


All our lamb is UK sourced and is available throughout the year sold as either whole lambs or lamb primal cuts depending on our customer's needs, We are also able to source and supply UK Halal slaughtered lambs due to growing demand.


At Mexborough we can supply both English and European pork which we further process and cut to sell as either bone in primal cuts or high quality boneless products to any specification a customer requires again in our purpose built pork cutting room.

Mexborough Product Display at Meat Up

Mexbourough Depot Product Display

Depot Address

Cliff Street  
(Off the By-Pass)  
South Yorkshire, S64 9HU  
Phone: 01709 584041  
Fax: 01709 580742  
mail: mexborough@ttdepots.co.uk  


Kingdom Beef

Kingdom Beef

We have developed a range of primal cuts who's levels of trim we believe are the best available in our market place.

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