Kingdom Extra Matured - Striploin

Striploin Specification

Striploins are prepared from 3-rib loin cut from the pistola by
between the 10th and 11th rib.
Separated at the posterior end by a straight cut between the
first and second lumber vertebrae.
Remove the back-strap gristle to a minimum width of 35mm
along the length of the striploin.
The full remaining chain is to be removed.
Trim off all remaining channel, fat, skin, bone and cartilage.
Remove Flank by making it parallal with the eye muscle leaving
a maximum tail length of 25mm, trim underlying fat.
The ends must be trimmed of loose meat and squared off.


Use By: +35 days - Standard.
Packaging: Extra Matured Coffin Box.
Two Pieces per box.


Kingdom Beef