Kingdom Extra Matured English Beef

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We believe that to obtain the high specification required for Kingdom beef the initial selection process is all important. Only cattle sourced from animals that have a carcase classification of R4L/H or better are selected.

To obtain maximum consistency only hinds from sides weighing 165 - 185 kg are selected. Carcases are then trimmed to full EU dressing specification and chilled to 5ºC within 48 hours of slaughter. The pistola hind is stored at 0 to +2ºC during the maturation period, which is a minimum of 10 days to a maximum of 14 days. Fillets are removed 48/72 hours after chilling prior to the Pistola hind going into maturation.

Once processed into primal cuts further maturation in the vac bag is for a period of 7 to 10 days, this degree of maturation guarantees tenderness and flavour.

We are confident that the high levels of trim of the "Kingdom" primal cuts are unsurpassed. There is simply no higher yielding beef cuts available in our market place. At all stages of processing controls are in place to ensure that the exacting "Kingdom" specification is achieved. I would ask you please to contact me and study the Primal specifications mentioned below.

e-mail enquiry@towers-thompson.co.uk

Kingdom Carcase Specification

Animals to be sourced from FABBL approved farms.
Animals to be assessed by the OVS prior to slaughter.
Carcases to be selected from animals less than 36 months old.
Carcases to be selected from grade R4L / H or better.
Carcases to be trimmed to the EU dressing specification.
Cod / Dug off
Crown Fat off
Thin Skirt off
Jugular vein and adjacent Fat off
Pizzle Sheath (Males only) off
Beef Fat off
Kidney, Kidney knob and channel Fat off
Side Weight Range : 165kg - 185kg
No entire male animals to be included in the selection
Carcase to be pH tested 24 hours after slaughter.
Maximum pH level : 5.7
carcase to be chilled to <5°C within 48 hours of slaughter
Pistola hind to be stored at 0°C to +2°C for the duration
of the maturation
Maturation Period : Min 10 days / Max 14 days on the Bone.
Fillet to be removed 48/72 hours after chilling prior to the
pistola hind going into maturation.

Kingdom Burgers were finalists in the Meat Industry Awards 2011

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Kingdom Beef