Import Tariff Quota



The ITQ Scheme (Import Tariff Quota) is an EU Scheme whereby beef can be imported from Third Countries under special licence for manufacturers to cook.

The beef is only available for manufacturers who are registered with the RPA (Rural Payments Agency) based in Newcastle.

The ITQ Scheme is run on an annual basis (July to June) with the manufacturer applying for a share of the tonnage available.

The ITQ tonnage is allocated to the processing companies in the form of ‘rights’  and these ‘rights’ are then turned into ITQ import licence by the processor’s appointed import agent ie. Towers Thompson Ltd.

Towers Thompson Ltd is able to offer a full ITQ service from the initial setting up of an ITQ processing factory, licence application, importation and delivery of beef to the processor’s factory as well as lodging the necessary monetary guarantees, on behalf of the processor, which are necessary for this scheme.

A full stock of frozen bonded boneless beef cuts are held by Towers Thompson Ltd from topsides (hindquarter cuts) through to chuck& blade (forequarter cuts) at very competitive prices for ITQ work.

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