IQF Cooked Diced Beef

This product is produced from selected forequarter cuts that are diced to the required dimensions pre cooked to seal and then slow cooked in steam ovens, this combination of dicing and cooking combined with the fact that there are no added ingredients produces cooked beef that is natural in flavour and appearance.

Alternative formats:

Packed with juices retained not IQF

Packed with juices drained not IQF

Size Available 15 mm or 19 mm
RME Minimum 130%
Case Weight 20 Kg
Packaging Format 2 x 10 Kg bags
Shelf Life 24 Months from production
Storage Frozen -18 C
Suggested uses Ready Meals, Meat pies, Stews, Soups.

Michael Daly

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ITQ Processing

We can supply all your Beef processing needs under the ITQ Scheme .

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