Northfleet Depot

Our Northfleet depot in Kent is a modern, state-of-the-art, fully licensed facility with its own fleet of refrigerated vehicles which deliver products to customers within a 100-mile radius of the depot.

Northfleet carries a wide range of products both fresh and frozen to satisfy its diverse clientele. Northfleet carries the full range of high quality bone-in beef, pork and lamb carcasses, as well as a wide variety of boxed meat, poultry and frozen fish products. Our experienced sales staff make Northfleet an ideal supplier for the retail and catering butchers.

Northfleet now has its own processing plant too, which has enabled us to cut and pack beef, lamb and pork to our customers' wide range of specifications.

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Simple but great tasting Lamb

Lamb Towers Thompson Northfleet carries a broad range of items in order to cater for its diverse clientele.

As well as an extensive range of carcase beef, pork and lamb, our Northfleet depot stocks boxed meat and poultry products such as kebabs, frozen chops and halal products.

This diverse range of quality stock, and our dedicated sales staff make Northfleet an ideal supplier for retailers, catering butchers and wholesale operations.

Depot Address

Units V3 & V4  
Springhead Enterprise Park  
Springhead Road, Northfleet  
Kent, DA11 8HN  
Phone: 01474 333511  
Fax: 01474 560075  
mail: northfleet@ttdepots.co.uk  


Kingdom Beef

Kingdom Beef

We have developed a range of primal cuts who's levels of trim we believe are the best available in our market place.

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Regional Brands

Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

Quality Standard English Beef

Quality Standard English Lamb