Rassau Seafood GmbH

Rassau Seafood GmbH is a long established importer and distributor of high quality deep-frozen seafood products with an excellent reputation for service and quality.  Since the late 1960’s the company has sourced and distributed a full range of shrimps, prawns, squid, fish fillets, fish steaks, wild salmon, dogfish, eel, mackerel and halibut, along with sprats, herring, butterfish and cod roe.

These products are sourced throughout Europe, Asia, North America, New Zealand and the Indian Continent and are supplied to a wide customer base of Manufacturers, Smokehouses, Caterers, Food Service, Wholesalers and Independent retailers.

We pride ourselves on technical support to ensure we are providing a quality product that has undergone all relevant checks and controls with quality and safety in mind.

Product Range

Raw Material for Smokehouses - Our excellent relationship with suppliers developed over 25 years ensures a year round supply of high quality product, even when species can be limited to seasonality.

  • Wild Salmon & Dogfish - from North America.
  • Eels - from North America, New Zealand and the Baltic.
  • Mackerel - from Ireland and Scandinavia.
  • Halibut - from Greenland.

Shrimps - We pride ourselves in our network of suppliers who are visited frequently. We procure from suppliers in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bangladash. We can provide the following variety of specifications and processing options.

  • Head on, shell on / semi IQF.
  • Head less, shell on / block and IQF.
  • Peeled & deveined / block & IQF.
  • Fully cooked IQF.
  • Breaded shrimp products.

Fish Fillets and Steaks - Our product range is everchanging with the seasons, please contact us for our full range, Our regular stock lines include.

  • Fillets from European Waters - Pikeperch, Saithe, Redfish, Cod and Catfish.
  • Fillets from Overseas Waters - Nile Perch, Red Snapper, Monkfish, Pangasius, John Dory, Red Mullet and Sole.
  • Fish Steaks - Halibut, Shark, Salmon, Swordfish and Tuna.

Squid - The seven seas provide us with a rich assortment of cephalopods.

  • Squid Tubes - Cleaned or head on.
  • Squid Rings - Breaded or natural.
  • Cuttlefish and Octopus - in different variations.

Please contact us for our full product range and latest prices.

Office Address

Virchowstrasse 17, D-22767 Hamburg  
Postfach 50 11 66, D-22711 Hamburg  
Phone: +49 (0) 40 376 00 20  
Fax: +49 (0) 40 363117  
mail: info@rassau-seafood.de  

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