Export Division

The Towers Thompson Export Trading Division specialises in the exporting of frozen meats from Europe to Hong Kong/China, South East Asia, Middle East, South Africa and Eastern Europe on a full container basis.

We are dedicated to providing reliable transportation and full logistics solutions for our customers to all of these markets.


Our product focus is on pork, poultry and beef by-products/credits (e.g. pork front/hind feet, stomachs, duck feet & necks, chicken/turkey wing parts etc.) however our total product scope is much more diverse across all meat proteins.

Our team has a long history of experience in the meat industry with extensive market and product knowledge to serve both our suppliers and customers.

Office Address

Turnford Place  
Great Cambridge Road  
Turnford, Hertfordshire  
EN10 6NH  
Phone: +44 1992 456456  
Fax: +44 1992 473600  
mail: exports@towers-thompson.co.uk  

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Sial 2014

Sial 2014

A team from Far East Exports: www.towersexports.com and C. R. Barron Ireland Ltd: www.crbarron.com
enjoyed a successful trade fair meeting customers and suppliers old and new.