Of all the reasons there are to be proud of the industry in which we work, we should perhaps be proudest of BDCI, the Butchers' and Drovers' Charitable Institution.

The BDCI is the charity dedicated to helping meat industry people who need financial assistance and other means of support ay a time of crisis, illness or old age.

The charity was founded in 1828 and since that time has helped thousands of people who have a connection to the UK meat industry: employees, widows, dependents and other immediate family members.

Applications for help are received and considered monthly and they come from a huge variety of sources. They might be from elderly widows of butchers, former slaughtermen who have become disabled, or children of existing production-line workers. We help every aspect of the UK meat industry food chain.

The Charity has always been supported by existing members of the trade. In their way, they are looking after their own colleagues who are in situations they could not have dreamt would befall them, however much one makes provisions in life.

Our help is largely in the form of financial grants and pensions. A committee meets regularly to decide what level of help can be provided.


We provide on- going pensions to those many persons who are struggling on low incomes. There are presently nearly 200 people being helped in this way, also receiving summer holiday and Christmas bonuses.


Many grants are paid each month for essential items to help people live a proper and independent life. payments of £250, £500 and even £1000 can support purchases of new bedding, an electric wheelchair, a mobility scooter or emergency house repairs.

Care Costs and Support

Families are often unable to fund the full cost of nursing and residential home care and accommodation to their elderly relatives. The BDCI provides financial support in the form of top-up grants to ensure a dignified lifestyle may be maintained.


The BDCI has a small number of flats in West London for retired members of the trade who are able to live independently. In addition, it may be able to offer advice or provide introductions to other agencies for those seeking sheltered accommodation elsewhere in the country.

If you know somebody you think should benefit, please encourage them to get in touch. To start, all they have to do is call Roy Sully, Secretary, on 020 7600 4106, or write to him at BDCI, Butchers' Hall, 87 Bartholomew Close, London, EC1A 7EB.

How the BDCI has made a difference

The scooter is a boom and makes a big difference to my life. I feel so independent and able to go out and about.

Walter Sawyer, MARGATE

I don't think there are enough words to describe the comfort, the complete relaxation of my spine I enjoy from 'The Chair', my family call it the throne. The press of a button and I am elevated into the position most suited to ease the pain. My sincere thanks to all your donors.